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The Prophet Najee, born Jeffery Ogonna Ugwuanyi, is a 22 year old rap artist from Memphis,TN. Najee's dreams of having rap stardom started in elementary school in his fourth grade music class. In 2016, Najee became active in pursuing his dreams, despite his traditional upbringing and lack of resources during his early stages of his career. By the end of December 2017, The Prophet debuted his first 6 track EP entitled "Dinner 4:1".


As a kid growing up, Najee had many odds stacked against him. His parents are Nigerian immigrants who came into the United States in 1996, and literally had to start from the ground up in order to establish themselves. At a young age, Najee showed a great appreciation for music. The first song he put to memory was Tupac's "Hail Mary" around the time he was 6 years old.  His struggles with living under the roof of a traditional Nigerian home made music as his greatest escape. At age 14, Najee wanted to record and put out music, but had no access to a studio. With the use of his mother's laptop, Najee began to record himself. Taking into consideration his family's background, Najee found it hard to actively pursue rap while living in his household. It was not until Najee moved to New Orleans that he began to actively pursue his dreams. Now at 22, Najee has independently released his EP and other songs on major platforms, performed in different cities, and has gotten radio play for some of his tracks including one of his most popular singles "Automatic, Supersonic!". The Prophet uses his natural song making ability to show others that they must not be afraid to chase what they want and embrace the light within themselves. His style of honest, yet relative rap makes him a standout artist with true talent, willing to talk to the world through his music.